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Firearm Training:

Florida CCW certification Class
Basic Firearms / Safety Training
Shotgun Training
Rifle Training
Personal Protection Firearm Training
Youth Firearms Training
Cowboy Action Shooting
Tactical Training, Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle
Specializing In Women’s Firearms Training
G License Re-qualificationse

Florida CCW Class is a 4 hour certification class.
Application provided along with Notary Service. Certificate of Training.

Florida State Statue
The Castle Doctrine
Firearm Safety and Cleaning
Weapons Identification
Rules of Engagement Pertaining to Self-defense with a firearm.
Hands on training with firearms.
The proper way to carry a concealed firearm.
Pros and cons of weapon choices.
Qualification live fire on the range with a firearm.
Course: $75.00

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Gunsmithing Services:

Duracoating Refinshing
Installation Gun Sights ( depending on weapon model )
Glock Service and 1911 Service
Stock Repair

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 Head Targets:

head1    head2    head3    head4

These are life size heads that can take hundreds of rounds from handguns , shotguns and Assault Rifles. If you like Zombie head shots you will enjoy a day of target practice with these head targets. Cost: $25.00

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