About Double Tap


What is the Double Tap Edge?

The Double Tap edge is the confidence you obtain through our years of training and expertise. Why do you need Double Tap training? Many people can you teach you to fire a gun, but few can teach you to comfortably handle and confidently shoot a firearm. Through our training, we instill safety, technique, and confidence that is designed to give you the edge that you need. Our gunsmith services follow suite being founded on the understanding of the importance of a functioning and reliable firearm. If you want to just fire a gun then call a friend, but if you want to learn how to handle and shoot a firearm with safety and confidence then invest in the Double Tap edge.

Training and Experience, that is the Double Tap Difference

Let our experience talk for itself:

• NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
• NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
• U.S. Army 18B Weapons Sgt
• Law Enforcement Certified 1984
• Personal Protection / Tactical Training
• Certified Gunsmith

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